The Story So Far – Wimbledon Food Bank

foodbank gallery images_2 720pxBy Uzor Chinukwue

November 2011 - 11 vouchers, 28 people fed, 1/3 ton of food

April 2012 - 40 vouchers - 118 fed -  over half a ton of food

October 2012 - 51 vouchers -141 fed - over a ton of food

December 2012 - 100 vouchers - 300 fed - 2 3/4 tons of food

January 2013 - 64 vouchers - 155 fed - almost 1 1/2 tons of food

May 2013 - 96 vouchers - 255 fed - almost 2 tons of food

September 2013 - 120 vouchers - 277 fed - 2 1/2 tons of food

December 2013 - 134 vouchers - 373 fed - 3 3/4 tons of food

January 2014 - 116 vouchers 297 fed - over 3 tons of food

- A snippet from our distribution database, showing only a few months

Every voucher is a sign of hope for some. But with this hope there is also the telling of some sad story. The numbers speak for themselves. Since the Wimbledon Food Bank opened we’ve seen a continuous increase in the numbers who need our help, and this in spite of the apparent upward turn in the economy.

There are still some in our community who have lost their jobs, have lost their homes, or simply find that the high price of living leaves them in an unenviable position of having to chose between food and other necessities like making rent. Add children to this situation and it’s a wonder many still wake up everyday regardless of the struggles they know they’ll have to face each day.

A few organisations are already hard at work bringing succor to our brothers and sisters – people like the the Citizens Advice Bureau offer much needed advice on many social issues, and the Salvation Army who offer counselling and a listening ear – but we find that we’re sometimes in the centre of all this for some of our clients. The food bank can be and is often the first point of contact for many. Through us they’ll find help and information about other agencies that we partner with and who will meet their other needs.

Giving to us means the helping of someone out there, someone in dire need of food and comfort. Every Penny Counts and will keep our society fed and well. So donate today, sign up for our newsletter, and keep sharing us with your network of friends on social media sites. Together we can make a difference in our community.

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