Spiritual Discipline – Serving

Spiritual Discipline – Serving (download Power point slides here)


The series concludes with Spiritual Discipline – Serving. Pastor Jon discusses the benefits of serving, explaining that this is not an option for a Christian but a necessity. We know that we already have eternal life so that we don’t need to do good things to go to heaven. Christ has freed us with His blood and you get eternal life by faith not by your works. That being said because we have been saved and given this free gift of eternal life we must then serve in His body, the church.

Look around you and you’ll see need in your community. It is the Christian’s duty to fill this need as best he can, and we do this by serving. So get involved in your local charities and churches. There are food banks and organisations everywhere around the world that need help. You might be what they are looking for. The full audio message can also be listened to or downloaded for free from Elim Wimbledon’s website at:


Thanks for listening and we hope to see you this Sunday at our church at 59 High Path, Wimbledon, London, SW19 2JY


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