That is in the order of baptism. It is when we cease to clothe ourselves that God clothes us, and it is the clothing wherewith He clothes us that covers our nakedness. – Smith Wigglesworth

We’ve heard the story of Adam and Eve – the first man and woman – how they sinned against God and ran away, hiding themselves. But a loving Father-God asked Adam, “where are you?” Adam said that they’d eaten of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and then saw that they were naked. In attempting to cover their nakedness they covered themselves with leaves.

We do the same when we don’t come close to God the moment we sin. Instead we decide to clean ourselves with our own methods, or we attempt to hide from God from our shame of doing wrong. But observe what Smith Wigglesworth said – “It is when we cease to clothe ourselves that God clothes us.”

In this unique service on 1st May 2016 Pastor Jon shared with the church what revival means, and the Holy Spirit came down on the congregation in a heavy atmosphere, one in which it was hard to stand. People worshiped their God with their hands to heaven, kneeling, and calling on God’s revival. We need a revival to save the brokenhearted, the poor, the oppressed, the abused, the unemployed.

Listen to the message on our site, and share it with your friends and loved ones, and agree with us for God to send his revival to the earth. Amen.


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