If You Want to See the Dawn You Need to Get Up in the Night

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Sarah Clay teaches this Sunday on the trials and heartbreak sometimes present in life. There’s the temptation to complain and quit, but if we overcome this desire to run away and hide we may actually find opportunity in our trials. Two Marys were with Jesus when their hopes were seemingly crushed with his death. The other disciples hide in fear of their persecutors hunting them down like they’d done with Jesus. But these two brave women decided to risk their freedom and attend his grave at night.

That one decision brought them in direct view of the best dawn they could ever hope for – a resurrected saviour who showed them his victory over death. By rising to attend his grave at night they were the first to see him alive.

Do not fear the troubles that come to blind you from a victory that is surly around the corner. Be brave and rise and meet with God. He is waiting for you, and in his right hand he holds the dawn that you’ve been seeking. So what are you waiting for? Press onwards into Him.

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