Alarmed but Resolved – Rachael Hickson

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Guest speaker, Rachael Hickson preaches a message titled Alarmed but Resolved. These are uncertain times in the United Kingdom and Europe. The UK is about to vote on a referendum to leave the EU, while the rest of Europe rocks with economic instability and the migrant crisis.

In our own lives we may also see some similarities, uncertainty in our relationships, in our jobs, and with our finances. We may be alarmed, but Rachael insists that the times are an opportunity for resolution and progress. As you listen we pray you hear God in the message and some resolution is granted you. Alarmed but Resolved is available to listen for free on our website.

Rachael Hickson is a wife, mother and grandmother. At the age of 24 she survived a horrific car crash while ministering in Zimbabwe as part of the Reinhard Bonnke team. She returned to England with her husband Gordon and together they’ve continued on in the ministry eventually establishing Heartcry for Change – a project aimed at equipping the church to carry out God’s work in their communities. Visit the Heartcry of Change  website for more info.

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