An argument against guns

Recent tragedies in the Middle East and the Orlando shootings again show the need for rethinking how we view guns. I encourage you to read this and repost if you like the arguments and feel strongly about strengthening gun law legislation around the world. America is often seen as a leader for the rest of the world. Here is an opportunity to lead and make the world a more peaceful place.


Sandy Hook Elementary Sandy Hook Elementary where 26 people were murdered

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary America has been poised for another heated debate on gun control. Here are some arguments I’ve heard from gun control supporters and what I think.

(1) Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
The basis of this argument assumes the responsible don’t kill irresponsibly, which may be true, but then a responsible person may buy a gun, which could then be taken to be used by an irresponsible child, as so many of the shootings in American schools have shown.

(2) Would you ban cars just because someone died after being hit by one?
No. But a car’s primary function is to transport people from one place to the next. That it can also be used as a weapon is a sad fact, but the truth is that more people will be transported safely than…

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