Bringing Down Goliath

Listen For Free

Life’s problems seem to tower over us sometimes. It can get a bit much and we just want to hide if only to get a breather. Funny thing is weary as we may be, and trapped in trenches of problems and complicated situation, when we do decide to come back out of hiding our problems are still waiting for us where we left them. We may feel sorry for ourselves, but unfortunately Life doesn’t. We may want it to all stop, but Life just keeps marching forward.

The best defence is offence. We must confront our problems, our Goliaths. Are these afflictions bigger than us? Yes. But we must show them a God who in turn towers over them, a God who also happens to be our father and who is jealous over us. He won’t let us fall. We must change our attitudes from one of hiding to one of confrontation.

If Goliath won’t move anyway (even after hiding) why not just go for it? Go for that degree. Go for that proposal. Go for that job. Preach to that neighbour. What do you have to loose?

Bringing Down Goliath is a poignant message from Pastor Phil Topping, one that will in no doubt touch many going through and feeling that they’re alone with no one to call to for help. God is with you. And you won’t face Goliath alone. Just take that first step in faith and watch your natural meet with God’s supernatural as a mere stone becomes a missile in the hands of God. Your enemy will, indeed must fall.

Listen for Free


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