Sermon 16th Jan 2017 Summary

Summary of Sunday’s Message – Ears to Hear Eyes to See

Matthew 13:6 Blessed are your eyes because they see and your  ears because they hear.

1. Can you see Jesus?
Sometimes you don’t see him in the middle of your journey.

2. Can you see the enemy?
See him coming…but also see that greater are those with us than those that are against us.

3. Can you see sin?
Not other people’s sin but your own

4. Can you see your next step?
Change doesn’t get handed to you you have to work out what you do next

5. Can you see the stars?
Can you see a great future. If you lose hope you lose everything

6. Can you see the one?
Can you see the lost soul, the lost sheep in the crowd

7. Can you hear his voice?

5 ways to hear
1. Solitude – Get on your own
2. Silence – Switch off the noise
3. Simplicity – speak like a friend and wait
4. Studying – dig in the word
5. Seeking – through prayer and worship


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