Awakening 2017 – Jan 22

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It is so reassuring to know that Jesus never changes. He is sure and steadfast in who he is. He doesn’t waiver or change his mind he remains the same. The same Jesus who loved you yesterday, still loves you today and will love you forever. He doesn’t just know the mistakes you have made but he also knows all the mistakes you are going to make and yet he still loves you the same. His love does not change as He does not change. This same Jesus is the Jesus that ‘yesterday’ walked the earth and healed the sick. This same Jesus walks the earth today through us and he hasn’t changed he still wants to heal, deliver and do miracles. He hasn’t changed so walk with Today and receive your miracle.

Prayer Today: To experience the Love of Jesus. To walk with Jesus as the disciples walked with Jesus. To experience the same miracle power at work in our lives.


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