Pastor Jon’s Corner – Feb 6

Zephaniah 3:9 In the end I will turn things around for the people. I’ll give them a language undistorted, unpolluted, Words to address God in worship and, united, to serve me with their shoulders to the wheel.

Last night the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl after being 21-3 down. It was one of the greatest turn arounds in History. From seemingly looking like all was lost the turn around came and victory was won. It doesn’t matter how hard things have been the turn around is still on. God still has things he wants to release into your life to see you rise up in victory. He has a new song of worship and a unity that will cause us to move into all the Lord has for us. The first half of your life might have been hard but the turn around is on. It’s not time to be defeated it’s time to pushback and see things change. He is restoring the years the locusts have eaten.

Prayer Today: For faith to believe that situations will change. For worship and unity to release victory.


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