Wimbledon Food Bank

Wimbledon foodbank, provides 3 days of emergency food to people in crisis. We currently work with 140 organisations to identify people in need. Those organisations include the CAB, health visitors, schools, family centres, social workers and churches. The organisations assess need, mainly due to benefit delays, low income and debt. The families and individuals that come to us often have no other point of assistance. Food is distributed from Elim Wimbledon Church on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, “clients” receive a hot drink, a chance to tell their story and food. The conversation allows us to signpost them to further help and assure them that there is good in the world.  This restoration of hope is the most important part of this project. The food comes from 17 churches who donate regularly, harvest festivals, and Wimbledon Guild and supermarket collections. We opened on 31 October 2011 and by 2014 we had fed over 4,000 people (31.6 tons of food) from donated food of 38.7 tons. In September 2013 we gave away 2.5 tons of food.

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